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Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness

Duncanville ISD will be spotlighting Autism Awareness all month with events and activities.  Please join us in shining a light on our wonderful students and staff.


Monday, April 3 – The kickoff focuses on showing what Autism looks like in everyday life. The following videos are divided by grade levels. If you are in a position to share these videos with students or their families, feel free to do so. For elementary and intermediate school students, learn about Marvelous Max. For middle school students, learn 10 things you should know from a teenager with Autism. Finally for high school students, watch the story of a girl who has battled through her autism to speak through typing.  


Tuesday, April 4 Sensory Break challenge. Students with autism often have a hard time focusing in the classroom because they can be overstimulated by all of the noise and activity around them. Brain research shows us that it benefits students take a short sensory break, which is moment that stimulates the sense of touch or movement through an activity such as stretching, brushing or spinning. Please, try a guided sensory break with your class and allow students to discuss how they feel afterwards.


Wednesday, April 5 – People with autism often have a difficult time acquiring language. As a result, pictures instead of words can be a wonderful tool for communication. SPED challenges each class to play a short game of Pictionary or charades to get an idea across without the use of words, and then discuss their experience as a class. What would if feel like to not be able to talk easily with your friends and family? How can pictures and gestures help people communicate?


Thursday, April 6—As we celebrate people with autism, SPED asks classes to participate in a door decorating contest. It can be as simple as decorating your door in BLUE, or featuring a famous person with autism, such as Albert Einstein, Tim Burton or Temple Grandin. Or, your door can be transformed into a sensory station… the sky is the limit! Doors will be judged during the day on Thursday.


Friday, April 8—Campuses Light it Up BLUE on social media! We ask each campus to wear blue and post #LIUB selfies for Autism Awareness!