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Having computer issues at school?

Duncanville ISD provides a variety of technology resources for educational purposes for acceptable use. This includes, but is not limited to, wireless access, computer workstations, servers, computer workstations, peripherals, applications, databases, online resources, Internet access, electronic mail, digitized information, telecommunication devices, and any other technology designated for use by students, including all new technologies as they become available. With these educational opportunities comes a responsibility. It is important that you and your child read and understand the applicable District policies and agreement form.
Answering "no" will deny your child permission to participate in the use of the District's technology resource system. If you selected "no" in error and you wish to change your previous answer, please update the technology portion of the online form in Family Access by changing your "no" to "yes". If your previous answer of "no" was correct, there is no need to make changes to this form. 

For assistance, please Click on the attachment, or you can email