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By the Numbers

In less than two months, Duncanville ISD Technology has impacted STUDENT learning and success by. . .


 Installing over 225 interactive projectors (more to come)

- Installing 285 Lumens document cameras (more to come)

- Replacing 500 laptops for student use

- Currently distributing 930 new laptops for student use (as part of the technology standard)

- Replacing over 870 desktop computers for student use

- Distributing over 1,960 laptops to grades 3-8 for student use (as part of the technology standard)

- Installing over 1,600 phones district-wide

- Providing 14 long term substitutes with a loaner laptops as part of our new initiative

- Conducting our 3rd teleconference through Texas Education Telecommunications Network

- Answering and resolving over 1,663 help desk calls

- Offering almost 1,500 technology training sessions to staff district-wide

- Closing over 4,100 help desk tickets

- Completing the replacement of 1,100 wireless access points across the district.

- Providing roughly 10,000 new data drops across the district

- Running about 48 miles of cable in two campuses- which 11 times the length of the Las Vegas Strip!