Engaging Hearts & Minds

When was the last time you took on a task that challenged you? You weren’t sure you could complete it successfully, but you were so intent on accomplishing your goal that you gave it your all. You had to learn and stretch your knowledge and skills to the limit. You got so involved that time flew by. You looked up and hours had passed but it seemed like only moments to you. You were so motivated to accomplish the task that you continued to work through lunch, but you didn’t notice until 3:00 pm.

You were engaged!  Your whole attention and focus were on that task. When it was complete, the task may have been seen and appreciated by many or it may have been only for you—still, you took great pride in what you had accomplished when it was done and you were glad you had done it. Now imagine a classroom where every student works with that same intensity and drive.

At the core of Duncanville ISD’s beliefs is profound learning through purposeful engagement. We believe that purposeful engagement is the most effective long-term way to learn, for student and adult learners. We believe that this is our organization's primary responsibility.
As greater accountability standards are placed on schools, some districts “buckle down” on the basics and spend more time on direct instruction delivered through lecture and worksheets. In Duncanville ISD we are developing our staff to design meaningful challenges that inspire the learner to continue to question and seek knowledge well after the classroom lesson.

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