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Made With Pride

  • Made With Pride In Duncanville - May Honorees




    Karen Boss-Johnson, reading center teacher at Acton and Elizabeth Hunter, math interventionist at Acton are the Made With Pride in Duncanville – Teacher selection for the month of May.   They were nominated by Tameka Butts.


    These two ladies work tirelessly to provide interventions for our struggling students, they are intentional about providing support through the RTI process and creating a fluid process that allows for students to respond to the interventions and close academic gaps. They advocate for the students that can sometimes be left behind because they are struggling. Their classrooms are a place where students feel comfortable to try their best because they feel supported and cared for. Mrs. Boss-Johnson and Mrs. Hunter assist teachers in writing student success stories everyday



    Jeremiah Dukes, a junior at Duncanville High School, is the Made With Pride in Duncanville – Student selection for the month of May. He was nominated by Tia Simmons.


    Jeremiah Dukes is a leader in and out of the classroom. While he takes a full load of Dual Credit courses both in CTE and his required coursework, he also works a job, is active in Skills USA and serves as a leader, example, and role model for Tabernacle, a student-led organization. He brings a great attitude to class every day and actively engages in the class in a way that benefits everyone in the room.  Jeremiah is a very polite, outgoing and respectful young man. He makes a point every day to do his best and to bring happiness to everyone he meets. You can give him a task/problem and he will not stop until he gets it done. He’s a great student. He’s courteous, kind, and generous to teachers and his fellow students, and he puts his all into his schoolwork. At the same time, he’s always willing to listen to constructive criticism of his work and use that to improve his work. Jeremiah is enthusiastic about life in general, and that enthusiasm keeps his peers motivated.



    Daisy Cox, Clinic Assistant at Central and Hardin, is the Made With Pride in Duncanville – Staff selection for the month of May. Ms. Cox was nominated by Judy Henry.


    Mrs. Cox requested to trade assignments with the sub so she could be at the campus with more medically complex students. A student, who had not been feeling well for two weeks, came to the clinic because he/she was feeling worse. Mrs. Cox, recognized that the student was very ill and needed immediate medical attention. EMS was called and the student was transported to the hospital. Mrs. Cox's keen assessment of the situation, level-headedness and timely response provided this student prompt emergency medical care. The student received treatment and has since returned to school. Through Mrs. Cox's timely intervention, this student will be able to continue to write their success story.