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 Digital Audio Production

Audio Video Production I

Audio Video Production II



Favorite Quote: “Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero




Dear parents


Welcome to Arts and AV I am very excited to have your student in my class this year. I hope that this course will be very technology intensive to help better prepare your student for the kinds of skills that they will need in the 21st Century.  Developing these 21st Century Skills now will help your student become much more confident as they continue through their high school years, and ultimately into higher education and/or careers. Although there will be many different types of technology utilized in this course, our primary learning management system (LMS) is called Schoology.

 Schoology is similar to other platforms that your student may have used before such as EdModo, Blackboard, My Big Campus, etc. but with many functional advantages for your student. This system has many features that will allow your student to take charge of their own learning. A few key features include:


  • Students can see their scores as soon as they submit most assignments so they can learn from their mistakes
  • Students can go back and redo assignments that they received low scores on until they earn a score they (or you!) deem acceptable
  • Students can collaborate from home via the message board
  • No more lost papers- Students have access to ALL course materials 24 hours a day no matter where they are via the internet or the Schoology mobile app on their smart phones
  • No more confusion about due dates! Students can check due dates anytime, and connect their email/smartphone/other digital calendaring devices directly to Schoology so they will know immediately if dates change!
  • Students can connect their Google Drive accounts directly making turning in assignments simple, and eliminate the need for Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.


Since grades will be continually updated in Schoology and Google Classroom I will only be updating Skyward grades approximately once every week. I will also be entering grades for each assignment only once, so any late or makeup work will not be reflected in the Skyward grades. When it comes time to enter grades at progress, quarter, and semester, I will be taking the grade displayed in Skyward, anenterng that as your student’s final mark.  In order to make sure that you are up-to-date on everything your student is doing in class, I am hoping that you will register for parent access in Schoology and continue to utilize the Skyward account access.  This will give you the most current information on your student’s performance on homework and assignments, as well as allow you to see the calendar of upcoming assignments. Directions for registering for a parent account will be found on the bottom of the page.


You may email a request to provide a parent account code, or you may register on your own using the directions below. 

 In order to register for a parent account, please follow these steps:


  1. Navigate to The home page should appear something like this:


  1. Click the “Sign up” button in the top right corner, then click “Parent”


  1. Enter the following Access Code:




*Please note that this access code is unique to your student. Do not use an access code from another parent/student.  Also, all letters should be capital. Please email me if you have questions at For parents with multiple students, you will be able to add access to all of your students’ accounts. Please email me if you have any questions/challenges with that process.


Thank you for your dedication to your student’s success!




Clifford Reed


Duncanville High School



  • 1st Block  Digital Audio 

    2nd Block Audio Video Advanced

    3rd Block Animation

    4th Block Audio Video

    5th Block Audio Video Advanced

    6th Block Audio Video

    7th Block Audio Video Lab

    8th Block Digital Audio