• Duncanville High School

    Marketing Education

    Mrs. Honeysuckle


    Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance

    Fashion Marketing

    Room I113




    Tutoring: I will be available for tutoring before school and after school. Please let me know beforehand so I will be in the classroom


    Course Text: Textbooks will be located in the classroom. Students will not be issued a textbook, but they do have the option of checking out a textbook to prepare for assignments or complete an assignment.


    Homework: Nightly homework will not be given in this course, however students will be expected to complete any unfinished class assignments at home. Students will have at least one long-term project per grading period that may require supplies and work outside of the classroom.


    Supplies: Students are required to have a 1” – 1 ½” three-ring binder, notebook paper and pens/pencils for this class. Recommended supplies include dividers, colored pencils, highlighters, a calculator/ smart phone, and white out.


    Cheating/Plagiarism: Cheating and/or plagiarism are a violation of class and school policy and will not be tolerated. Any student caught cheating or plagiarizing will receive a zero on the assignment.


    Evaluation Criteria:


       Classwork                                        60%

       Major Assignments/Projects          20%   

       Tests                                                 15%                  

       Homework                                         5%

       DECA                                  Extra Credit


    DECA: DECA is the co-curricular club associated with the marketing program. Students must be enrolled in a marketing class to be a member of DECA. DECA provides opportunities on the local, state and international level for leadership development, competitive events and networking. Every student is strongly encouraged to be involved with DECA.


    Marketing Education Assignment Policy

    *All assignments are due on the due date or at the end of class. Assignments turned in later in the day will be counted late! You can and should turn in work early especially if you know you are going to be absent!

    *All assignments will have due dates: projects, current events, papers, research, etc… It is your responsibility to know and adhere to the due dates established.

    *Excused Absences: The instructor will give you your missing assignments upon your return. Your name and date you were absent will be written on it. You will have 3 days* from the absence date to complete and turn in the assignment. You must make arrangements with the teacher to complete missed quizzes, tests, or classroom activities.

    *If an assignment was due on the date of your excused absence you may turn it in on the date of your return with no penalty. Any days after the date of your return that the assignment is not turned in will result in the loss of 5 points per day.

    *Unexcused Absences: Any assignments due on the date of your absence should be turned in immediately upon your return. You will be penalized 5 points for every day that passes after the due date.


    **All days will be counted no matter what day you have class.


    Classroom Rules:

    • Be in class and ready to work before the bell rings
    • Personal electronic devices must be powered off unless the stop sign’s light color indicates otherwise
    • Listen to others when they speak. Do not speak or walk in front of other while they are talking
    • Raise your hand to be recognized
    • Remain in your seat until the bell rings
    • There is no food or drink allowed at the computers
    • Turn in all assignments on time
    • Impolite speech, actions and irreverent questions or comments will not be tolerated
    • Take pride in your work; make sure everything is neat and legible
    • Treat others the way you would like to treated
    • Bring a tardy pass when you are late
    • Show respect, courtesy and manners at all times.  Be the best you can be


    Computer Use Policy:

    • Students will not use marketing computers for personal or commercial use
    • Students will not bring in personal CD’s to listen to
    • Students will not share login passwords or data
    • Students will honor all copyrights and licenses
    • Students will not play video games, check personal email or print material that is unrelated to class
    • Students will use the internet for productive purposes only
    • Students will not vandalize or remove or replace any parts/ tags on the computer

    Violation of the above agreement will result in the termination of classroom computer use for a specific period of time.