3rd 9 Weeks Objectives

    Math :

    Your student will:

    • Continue to study fraction and equivalent fractions.
    • Study personal finance, deposits, withdrawals, saving, spending, etc…
    • Find the sum of numbers up to 100,000.
    • Know multiplication facts to 10 with automaticity.
    • Solve 1, 2, and 3 step story problems.


    Reading and Writing for the 9 Weeks

    Your student will:

    • Continue to study informational text.
    • Use text features to solve problems and follow directions.
    • Use the writing process to compose letters for different purposes.
    • Explore persuasive text and determine the author’s point of view.
    • Build skills in grammar, such as spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and usage.


    Social Studies for the 9 Weeks

    Your student will:

    • Study governing communities.
    • Study running a business in the community.


    Science for the 9 Weeks         

    Your student will:

    •     Study the solar system.
    •     Study the weather patterns .