Students in 3rd grade will build upon their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.  It is equally important for students to be fluent in their addition and subtraction facts (with and without regrouping). 

    In third grade, students will dive deeper into multiplication so knowing their multiplication facts will be very beneficial. We recommend students practice their multiplication facts for numbers 1-10 over the summer and use math in your daily activities.  


    In third grade you will continue to use the same metacognitive strategies that you learned in second grade! These will include: inferring, summarizing, main idea, fact/opinion, cause/effect, sequencing, and character development.

    We will use expository and fictional text to read closely.  It is really important to read at least 20 or more minutes each night. 


    Students will  write expository, persuasive, and narrative text . Students will learn how to use different text to help them create their own style of writing . 

    A great idea is to have your child use a journal to write each day or each week.  Remind them of capitalization and punctuation.

     Social Studies

    Third graders learn all about government, economics, and communities. Students will make connections to the world around them as they learn new content.  It’s going to be an exciting journey.


    This year in science students will be learning to classify matter, changes from heat, mixtures, forms of energy, electricity, force, properties of soil, resources, and more! Be prepared to do dynamic science experiments