• Energy Management Program Details

    Duncanville ISD is committed to making every dollar count. By keeping operating costs down, we are able to provide a safe and comfortable environment for learning while reducing wasted energy and conserving natural resources. As an energy-efficient school district, we are not only helping the environment, but also have the ability to redirect district funds back into our classrooms.

    We have partnered with Cenergistic, the nation’s leader and pioneer in developing comprehensive and sustainable organizational behavior-based energy conservation programs. Cenergistic works with organizations to reduce their consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil and water. They also help their clients build an action plan based on the findings from an in-depth, onsite assessment.

    Our energy management program is not a short-term “go green” plan. It is a comprehensive, rigorous and sustainable energy program designed to help the district save money for years to come. The program does not require us to increase our utility budget, purchase new energy equipment or upgrade our existing equipment. It is financially risk-free.

    Energy Manager Responsibilities

    • Perform routine audits of all facilities and communicate the audit results to appropriate personnel.
    • Track all utility bills and communicate energy savings reports to facility administrators.
    • Develop and implement practices and procedures designed to reduce energy consumption and/or improve efficiency of usage.
    • Educate teachers, students and other staff members about energy use.
    • Make adjustments to EMS system regarding HVAC settings and other controlled equipment.Track, measure, report and reinforce program progress
    • Coordinate with Cenergistic for evaluation and improvement of energy program

    Excellent Rating for Summer Break Shutdown


    • Acton  
    • Alexander 
    • Bilhartz - 100%
    • Byrd - 100%
    • Central
    • DHS – N, O, P, Q
    • DHS – G  100%
    • DHS –A
    • Hardin
    • Hastings - 100%
    • Kennemer - 100%
    • Merrifield 

    Energy Manager

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