Ms. Shelley Robinson, M.Ed.

Phone: 972-708-3631


Degrees and Certifications:

*Sam Houston State University - Bachelor of Science in Academic Studies *Concordia University in Austin, Texas - Master Degree in Educational Administration (PDAS & Instructional Leadership Development Certificate) *Concordia University in Portland, Oregon - Currently pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Transformational Leadership

Ms. Shelley Robinson, M.Ed.

Ms. Shelley Robinson is the Reading Center Interventionist at Kennemer Middle School! She is very delighted to work with students at KMS to improve their reading and writing skills by providing small-group instruction, guided and independent reading, differentiated instruction and computer-based programs. Ms. Robinson has been a teacher and reading specialist at the early childhood, elementary, intermediate, and middle school levels specializing in reading, writing and literacy skills. She has administrative experience as a Principal and Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Ms. Robinson had the honor of being named Teacher of the Year (Elementary Level and Secondary Level) for two different school districts and also a District Teacher of the Year at the Secondary Level.  Ms. Robinson is very proud to be a Duncanville ISD Panther!!!



“The End Justifies the Means” ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

  • Reading Center Teacher Schedule - 2015-2016


    1st period – 9:00-9:47 - Reading Center

    2nd period – 9:51-10:38 - Reading Center

    3rd period – 10:42-11:29 - Reading Center

    4th period – 11:33-12:20 - Conference Period

    5th period – 12:24-1:57

    12:24-1:21 - Activity Period - Reading Center

                        B Lunch – 1:21-1:57

    6th period – 1:58-2:45 - Reading Center

    7th period – 2:49-3:38 - Reading Center

    8th period – 3:42-4:30 - Reading Center


    After-School Tutoring Date:

    Tuesday's - 4:45pm-5:30pm