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  •  Made With Pride In Duncanville - November Honorees





    Michelle Anderson, an Intermediate School counselor, is the Made With Pride in Duncanville – Teacher selection for the month of November. Daniel Intermediate Principal, Kim Edmondson, was moved to nominate Ms. Anderson after she received a touching letter from a parent.


    Here is some of what that parent wrote: "Last year my student was diagnosed with ADHD. It was a hard pill for me to swallow. But Ms. Anderson got us through it, she helped me better understand ADHD and as well informed me it is not the end of the world. She helped us get through the hardest part which is just accepting it.

    Now my student is facing another challenge. She has been in and out of the ER three times within a week. We were advised by the doctors at Children’s that she is suffering from chronic migraines. I informed all her teachers which all have been so understanding and cooperative.

    Ms. Anderson informed me that it was time for my student's 504 meeting. I told her what was going on and that I have exhausted all my time at work being in and out of the ER with her but that I have this Friday scheduled off for an follow up with our pediatrician and her optometrist doctor. Ms. Anderson went above and beyond to schedule a last minute 504 meeting for this Friday to accommodate me respecting me and my limited personal time off for work.

    Ms. Anderson is a very valuable asset to Duncanville ISD. Kudos to you all as well for entrusting in such a creditable, respectful, and hardworking woman."

    It is with great pride that I nominate Mrs. Anderson. Through her words and actions as described by the parent, she is making students her first priority as well as recognizing the importance and value of a positive relationships with our parents.




    Angel Cabrera, a lead custodian at Byrd Middle School, is the Made With Pride in Duncanville – Staff selection for the month of November. Mr. Cabrera was nominated by Butch Procter, Custodial Coordinator. Mr. Procter had this high praise for Mr. Cabrera:


    Mr. Cabrera joined the Custodial unit of the DISD Maintenance Services department in January of 2010. His skill, personal work ethic and cooperative attitude quickly became apparent to the Director of Maintenance Services, to myself, as the Custodial Coordinator, and to the Custodial Supervisors under whom Mr. Cabrera served.


    When the opportunity presented itself through a vacancy in the Lead Custodian position at Byrd Middle School, Mr. Cabrera was selected and offered the position. In September of 2011, Mr. Cabrera assumed the role of Lead Custodian at Byrd and has served in that capacity for over 5 (five) years. He has served the students, faculty, and staff of Byrd Middle School with distinction and professional conduct, leading his team with an attitude of “servant leadership” to provide a superior standard of service.




    Jenelle, Richel and Michele Murata, are the Made With Pride in Duncanville – Student selections for the month of November. These sisters are collectively doing great work in school and in the Youth and Government program as noted by YAG sponsor, Steve Cain:


    The Murata Sisters excel inside and outside the classroom. All three sister are on the honor roll and are leaders in the classroom. All three are part of the Youth and Government program in Duncanville ISD. Jenelle (sophomore) is the lead attorney on the Mock trial team and won Judicial Student of the year. Richel is an outstanding legislative student and was President Pro-Temp of the Senate last year for the state of Texas. Michelle is an up and coming YAG student and will be running for YAG Governor this year.